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The Apple Falls
Tempted not by aesthetic perfection sketched upon a living canvas by the fingers of a beauty rising,
I perceived no fault but innocence in a daughter's sinless devotion.
So what foul poison did then corrode my sense of mother's intuition...
Worming its blackened way into my ear; reducing this woman's heart into nothing more than an open 
It was the voice!
The VOICE of fragile ego trapped beneath the surface of a mirror cracked,
Which bid a mother's heart 'unlove' the bewitching child of summer.
Vanity wears many masks in a kingdom of unfettered desires.
Speaking maliciously from behind the forked tongue of a compelling plies its ancient trade in the coin of flattery.
Insecurity!  A coiled serpent of twisted truths basking in the sun of disillusionment.
How your traitorous approbation did gild the crown of a mother's glory; blinding this woman's heart with the autumn of her
   own fading beauty.
It was the voice! 
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 4 4
Malice Manifesto

to just sit and ponder pointlessly
wondering whether or not i am or was or if i ever will be
not really belonging to any particular person or place
dying in essence only to seek rebirth through yet another series of fucked up idiosyncrasies
what shit what an inked stained load of fucking bullshit
and who are you hiding behind your politically correct propaganda to ask for
of my over stimulated mind grown numb from self-absorption
and why would i seek explanations when the simple reality of
"This Is What I Feel"
is more powerful in its malignant simplicity than any
"This Is Why I Feel"
could ever hope to justify
night sweats beneath a blanket of desensitized emotion my
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 1 2
Hari by SaintOfAngst Hari :iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 1 2 Kagutsuchi by SaintOfAngst Kagutsuchi :iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 1 0 Gakutenou by SaintOfAngst Gakutenou :iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 1 2 St. Vlas by SaintOfAngst St. Vlas :iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 3 6 Kiyohime by SaintOfAngst Kiyohime :iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 4 4
12 For 12
The girls from Mai HiME have decided to share a peek into their personal iPods with you as a special Halloween treat this year. Each list will be prefaced with a few words by the respective HiME herself. I do hope you enjoy this fanciful glimpse into the musical tastes of your personal favorite. -cringes- Besides, do you guys know how...difficult it was for me to get these chicks to consent to this little project in the first place? Some of these girls can be...a bit...antisocial at times!
Natsuki:  HEY! I know you aren't insinuating ME, right?
Nao: HAVE been known to be a bit...prickly about certain things. Honestly though! I just don't understand your appeal in the broader aspect of things? Brooding, emotional cripple who can't decide if she's in love with her best friend or her motorcycle...Boo Hoo. Makes me wanna PUKE!
Shizuru:  I think it might be a wise decision on your part Miss Yuuki, if we just let our narrator continue with the introd
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 7 2
Happy Marionette
What wires do hold this wooden frame upright?
Who puppeteer does move her hinged appendages in
  graceful, practiced poses for the hungry crowd?
What words do feed this heavy wooden head with thought?
Who puppeteer does plant the seed of speech behind her teeth that
  gnash and grind in painted silence?
What blood do pump this absent heart with life?
Who puppeteer does bask like God in the artistry of her manipulation...
  a promise of salvation whispered in deaf ears?
She in the capable hands of others
Performs her life in earnest
Twisting and writhing
A pathetic snake on the wire.
Dance little puppet dance!
For tomorrow you are food for fire.
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 4 0
Can he feel the heat frustration?
Wonder I in masturbation.
Can he taste salt blood mutilation?
In my body devastation.
     Am I me?
     Or am I he?
     Do the separate souls make we?
Does this smile I paint seem fake?
An empty life of full mistakes.
Forget my name in his embrace!
All I am is all he takes.
     Am I me?
     Or am I he?
     Do the separate souls make we?
I am she whom he did grant to be.
A paper doll.....a whore's virginity.
He stole my self declared identity.
Worship still his fucking entity.
     Am I me?
     Or am I he?
     Do the separate souls make we?
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 4 0
Judas Wears A Miniskirt
red lipstick kisses
the color of a promise
cherry flavored lies
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 0 0
Disemboweled Paradox
To myself I find knowing:
  In mystifying ugliness of coveted black truth
  Laid bare at last to brittle white bone.
I burn jaded family photos of unwanted similarities
  In antagonistic atonement for those of us
  Who came after...with no choices.
To myself I find excuses:
  An infant of compressed molecular genes
  Squeezed out of the birth mother's virginal mouth in her only hour of guiltless shame.
I have no secure handle on this galloping chromosomal monster...
  My life but a penance
  Teasing the deaf ears of the confessional.
To myself I find asking:
  A bitter barrage of choleric uncertainties
  Tinged in self-recriminations
Seeking what needs are vacant and abstract in familiar exile.
  And yet, I remember the impatient glow of incurious eyes
  Simmering in accusatory flames.
To myself I find hunger:
  A lone wolf prowling the arctic landscape of s
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 8 0
Your Mouth It Makes Me Want To Srangle You
The sound of your mouth
Makes me want to strangle U
The noise leaking from your pie eating hole
Makes me wish I were deaf
U prattle on and on and on about Nothing
Then toss me a callus smile and bow as if expecting applause
For Your soliloquy of unabashed Ego
The sound of your mouth
Makes me want to strangle U
The ink stained words of inane rubbish spewing forth from your
Garbage chute mouth
Makes me wish I were made of Hefty Two-Ply
So I could hold all the trash of your mind
Littering the sanctity of my ears
The sound of your mouth
Makes me want to strangle U
U gurgle and belch with the stench of a blowhole
Atop some malevolent arctic whale
Dispelling into the salty air
A fount of self-aggrandizing prose
Too full of yourself too even notice
My drowning disinterest
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 4 2
Vampiric Symphony
Sweet the breath which whispers death
  across her alabaster neck.
These lips grown cold at cost of preternatural life,
  where now...burn hot in moistly parted prayer against that skin so tender.
Shadow Rider in black...I am death's harbinger.
  And yet she welcomes this pale herald with naked, poignant eyes and gently falling breath.
Pulse by heated pulse she lures me into her full being.
  The warmth of her promise consumed beneath a touch as numb as the grave.
Her quintessence binds me in the volatile darkness of unholy union;
  with naught a sliver smile of hate to betray the mask of this ungentle conception.
She is helpless. The willing fool of a rouge demon.
  A necessary sacrifice upon the altar of my wanton existence.
Temptress by nature and still I wear the guilt of a reluctant innocent. intangible as an ephemeral thought in moonlight madness.
The perpetual prowl of a homeless soul finds bu
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 12 7
Sacrificial Offerings
Do not offer me love,
   I would be forced to decline.
Do not offer me spiritual truth,
   to believe it would mean I must lie.
Do not offer me your tender heart,
   alas, I have none such to give.
Do not offer me your sacred life,
   one proves too hard to live.
Do not offer me utter devotion,
   and expect me to offer you mine.
Do not bathe in the light of my eyes,
   they remain cold, dark and blind.
Do not offer me words from your mouth,
   proclaiming your affection for me.
Do not offer up prayers in the night,
   sanctifying dreams which can't be.
Do not offer me sweet understanding,
:iconsaintofangst:SaintOfAngst 2 1


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Captain Shizuru Pavlovena :iconshugokuroge:ShuGoKuroge 29 11
The shy one by Imya-o The shy one :iconimya-o:Imya-o 31 24 kagutsuchi by AnxiousHart kagutsuchi :iconanxioushart:AnxiousHart 2 8 Kiyohime update by AnxiousHart Kiyohime update :iconanxioushart:AnxiousHart 6 6 Kiyohime by AnxiousHart Kiyohime :iconanxioushart:AnxiousHart 7 11 MH~The Fairest Maiden~ by ImperialxViciousness MH~The Fairest Maiden~ :iconimperialxviciousness:ImperialxViciousness 35 7
We're All Assholes.
It used to be fun to vomit expostulation.
Now everybody does it,
And there's ink everywhere.
:iconkaatjekilled:kaatjekilled 4 4


  • Listening to: the voice of UNreason
  • Reading: the government WARNING on my pack of smokes
  • Watching: dead pixels on my monitor
  • Playing: records backward
  • Eating: sugar cubes
  • Drinking: absinthe
I am....

uninspired in an inspiring environment
unamerican in the season of bogus government
unpublished in an ocean of published idiocy
uncool in the university of life
untamed in the wilds of suburbia
unfeeling in the emotional breakdowns of my feelings


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